Safari Kitchen for Poh Siblings

Glenn invited us over for dinner. The children were happiest to see each other. As soon as Levonne saw Leia, she shouted for her name with excitement. The trio soon got into play and giggles.

The girls talked and Leia came to me telling me, she wants to play the kitchen toy in the room. I was stunned for a moment wondering how did she know there is a kitchen toy in the bedroom.

Indeed. Glenn and Peony bought a Mother Garden kitchen for their golden pair. The couple told me Levonne went crazy at the arrival of the kitchen toy however the 4-year old’s reply was epic.


When the parcel was unwrapped,

Levonne sounded a little disappointed: “Mummy…why is Leia’s kitchen nicer…?”

The hot mummy adores the sweet demure looking kitchen toys from Mother Garden too. But she had to consider her 2-year old son, Geron so she got the Safari Kitchen from Mother Garden.

Ever since I got the Mother Garden Kitchen, I cannot stop buying more. Highly contagious too and its an addiction to collect the series.

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