Baby Chef: Pizza

Woke up with a terrible cramp…This time the pain was close to unbearable and I was in bed resting for most of the time.

With me lying in bed looking pale, Bret showered and dressed up Leia. They were off to buy lunch. I requested for porridge.

After meals, the father and daughter had afternoon naps. I was in bed watching baking videos on youtube. Just when I thought of ordering pizza hut for dinner, I decided to make my own.

Without yeast at home, I found an easy recipe for the dough.

3 1/2 Cup of Self-Raising Flour
1 1/2 Cup of Hot Water
1/2 Cup of Vegetable Oil

Mix all ingredients into my Jamie Oliver Food Processor. Within a min, my dough was ready. Baby Chef Leia was pleased to roll out the dough.


We spread the tomato sauce on the dough.

And added the toppings Ham & Mozarella Cheese together.

Baked in Preheat Oven at 200 degree celcius for 30-40 mins. Viola~

My cramps were real bad but dinner still had to be served. Bret thinks I need to see a doctor. Think so.

Saturday with Rainbow

It is Saturday 6pm now. Weather is breezy today and I can feel the light wind kissing my cheek.  I am sitting on my Osim Uangel and multi-tasking. Blogging and watching Hell’s Kitchen on Tv.

Leia is taking her nap as I wait for dear hubby to return from an errand. He’s buying takeaways for dinner… yummy claypot vermicilli with black pepper prawn.

Last night, my friend Kathy and her beau, Darren came my place for mahjiong. We played till 3am I think… Around 10am, Leia woke me up.Grumpy Bret said, “No more late night when Leia’s home.”

So I had to start my day making breakfast for my daughter and chores. Kept her busy by getting the little girl to unwrap christmas presents. Once again, more toys added to her playroom.

Once or twice a week, I will use my Rainbow Cleaning System for housekeeping. With this powerful tool, housework is an ease with satisfying result. Saturday morning is my favourite time to clean the house. With our laundry in the washer, I vaccummed the floor and something new today, I experimented Rainbow Rainjet  for the first time. The Rainjet Accessory takes “Mopping” to another level with its top quality sponge and squeegee I like it very much!

Next, I used the Power Nozzle to vccuum the invisible dust mites, dust from my bed, blanket and pillows. The  clear water turned dusty and muddy. Last step was to purify the air in our bedroom.

Feels really good to have the house cleaned.

December with him

It is festive month and everyone is on holiday mood. I found time to do lashes and hair. Bret and I had more time together too.

With Leia at my mum’s place Mon-Wed, we had the whole house to ourselves. My parents and siblings love playing with the little girl. For us, No parenting no divided attention … just him and me.

All couplesladies agree it is important for couples to have quality time. Also each couples do it differently. For us, instead of finding romantic places or iconic dating places like beaches and park etc, we love hanging out at our home sweet home.


A lot of couples have their minor quarrels or arguments day in day out. We are not spared. I noticed home is the only place he does not get agitated easily.

Watching drama, eating our fav take aways and occassional chilling out with wine at our comfortable love nest.

We fell in love as students and have never stop cheering each other to the finishing line. Our dream came true, house is his pride and marks his achievement. Together, we discussed for months with our designer on how we would our house to be built. Every details and furnitures in house has a story to tell.

I thank God for giving Bret and me the strength to walk through the ups and downs of relationships. Every passing year, we saw each other grow in different aspects of life and we never stop learning new things about each other.

There had been disappointments but we make effort to change ourselves. That…takes time. The key is don’t give up on each other.

My Learning Lesson: Its never easy to maintain beautiful things. We need lots of love, care and respect.

Christmas Day 2013

Around noon time, Kathy and Darren delivered delicious cupcakes to our place. The passionate baker updates her cupcakes on instagram, C_forcupcakesbykat. We had a quick juicy update of each other’s life while Leia was happily playing with Darren.

Kathy, being a Chanel Fanatic went excited over my new handbag. We talked about how Bret used to buy me Baby G Watches with his national service pay and I bought him a Jean Paul Gaultier wallet with my first pay as part-time waitress. Then, she looked into my eyes and smiled, “Bret really loves you very much.” The lovely couple left after 20 minutes.

For lunch, Bret and I went mil’s restaurant. Next, we made a trip to Hourglass at Raffles Hotel to get his xmas gift. Its a must to look for Kenny, he is very sincere and professional at work.

It is also the first time I carried my very first Chanel bag out with me. Certainly the most expensive xmas gift from him so far…


Inevitably, my budget for his xmas gift was raised. Bret told me he needs a casual time piece and keen in iwc watches.


We decided on a chronograph leather watch and the happy hubby wore his new watch immediately. Christmas came at the perfect time to celebrate the spirit of giving.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.  ~Peg Bracken”

With his new watch and my new handbag, we went Robinsons to get toys for his cousins’ children and Chanel lip colours for his mother and aunts.

At 6pm, our hands were full with presents. We were on our way to Big Aunt’s house for an annual gathering with his relatives. The children unwrapped their presents with joy. Three hours later, it was time to go over to my mum’s place. She had prepared steamboat and log cakes. Also, more presents for Leia.

By the time I reached home, my energy was drained out completely. Battery flat. Its like a prelude to chinese new year.

Christmas Eve 2013

In the morning of Christmas Eve, I went groceries shopping with my mother. It was a last minute shopping for Christmas Feast at home. For the first time, I bought the marinated roast beef and I chose ribeye.

At 2pm, we picked up Leia from school and it was time to prepare the feast at mum’s place. 3 year old Leia was playing Playdoh with me until when it was my turn to cook, my youngest brother Clarence joined her to fix puzzles. Bret reached and joined the duo to do Disney lenticular puzzles.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” from Better Homes and Gardens

Christmas tree lit with warm lightings creating a comfortable, cozy ambience, festive dinner started early at 6pm as Glenn’s Family coming to our place at 8.30pm. For Christmas Carols, I had Michael Buble Home for Christmas 2011 on my parent’s Smart Tv.

The Menu for our Christmas Feast at home.

  • Roast Beef (Amazing Treat)
  • Roast Chicken
  • Honey Baked Ham (Pre-Sliced)
  • Cocktail hot dogs
  • Mushrooms
  • Sushi Platter
  • Red Wine and Moscato

At 8.30pm, we reached home. Leia was waiting for Levonne and Geron’s arrival. They turned up around 9.30pm and I served fresh korean strawberries for supper. Soon, the children were busy in the playroom with Glenn’s helper.

For adults, I lit a candle in a glass for our cozy chill out at the balcony. With breakfast trays for our drinks, we sat on the timber decking and sofa cushion for soft support. Ladies had wine and the gentlemen had whiskey.

Towards 12.30am, Peony and I were resting on our hubbies’ lap and looking into the sky at the midnight of christmas. Our night with Glenn’s family ended before 1am. Geron was still as smiley as ever and bidding us the sweetest goodbye.

Sushi & Library

After nights with friends, I decided to spend quality time with Leia. Together with my parents, we had Sakae Sushi Buffet at Whitesands.

Leia likes Tamago Sushi, Chawanmushi & ice cream.


My father loves Sashimi. He had three plates all by himself.


After lunch, we make a trip to the library. Leia loves books and she found Peppa Pig.

imageFeels good to borrow books for her again. Its Ladybug Girl again.


Borrowed 12 books in total. Few titles were related to Christmas. Once we reached mum’s place, Leia asked me to read to her. She loves story time and every night she would ask for bedtime story.

Something I looked forward about in parenthood.

Elson meets Leia

Introducing the sweetest little boy I have ever seen. His signature smile is that he would look into your eyes and let out a shy grin.


Elson loves the slide very much and I am going to order three slides for my gal friends who have nieces and nephews.

Children love tents… Glad I bought this from ikea. Followed my instinct and yes, the joy of children makes everything worthwhile.


Leia prefers to play with girls or older children and I was hoping she will be friendly to Elson. Thank God, she did. After warming up with new faces, the little boy followed Leia into her playroom. He is observant and steady.


She began to write as Elson erased some on the whiteboard.


The pretty mummy of Elson.


Chiewling is a blissful lady with a loving husband and son. Elson makes everyone happy and he’s soooo huggable. When it was time for him to go home, everyone queued up to get his hug and kiss from him.

Like Geron, Elson is a very smiley 2 yr old who melts the hearts of people. They would observe we are good with his mummy and let us hug or hold their hands.


Not every toddlers are comfortable with unfamiliar faces, Leia wasn’t always friendly during her 2 years old stage. So its normal. Just expressing the feeling of a toddler smiling and coming towards us is simply incredible.