In the mood for Bags…

Before I even shop for christmas gifts, I have rewarded myself with new dresses and bags. Last week, I bought 3 work pieces from GG5. And today while waiting for hubby, I shopped at Wheelock and spent close to 1k within 2 hours.

It was in my agenda to get a document bag from Hiroshima. In need of a leather bag to contain heavy duty stuffs but I didn’t expect myself to get 2 bags from the store…Yes, I have a satchel on the way however, its gonna take weeks to arrive my place…

Then, I picked up some casual dresses and cardigans at Factorie. Prices and style were similar to Cotton on. For work, I found some pieces that were so “me” at Headline Seoul.

Agnes called me and I told her about my 2hrs splurge, her reply was “Hey, you should buy a Chanel Bag!”

Back at home, Bret looked uninterested when I showed him my new bags. He asked the question for the nth time, “Shall we go Chanel Boutique this weekend for your Christmas present?” As usual, I paused and switched the topic. Actually, I don’t need a Chanel to make me happy. Nevertheless, I truly appreciate his thought… lets see if I can find a Chanel Bag that makes me want to have it.

Shopping brings mixed feelings.

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