Oxblood Satchel

Last month, I was drawn to Huimin’s bag when she first arrived at our dinner. The minute I saw her bag, I immediately asked her where she got it. Her answer, “Cambridge Satchel“. Went to their website and found myself hooked to the varieties..every satchels look so attractive to me. Honestly, its not my usual style but I just have to have it.

(Pictures taken from Everything looks Rosie  and I love her blog! )


After a month of consideration, I finally made my first online purchase for Oxblood Classic with Gold Embossing of my initials. I have received a confirmation email that the company is working on a handmade satchel for my purchase and will be ready within 14 days.


From Wikipedia

“The Cambridge Satchel Company is a British company that produces satchels and other leather goods.

The company was founded in 2008, in Cambridge, England, by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas as a way to pay private school fees for Deane’s children. Her colourful handmade leather satchels are all based on an original Oxford and Cambridge satchel design and aimed at school children, but met unexpectedly high demand as a fashion accessory, and became, according to The Guardian, “a cult among twenty-something fashion bloggers“.[1]

Following coverage by international fashion magazines and a collaboration with the fashion brand Comme des Garçons, production of the satchels increased from three homemade items a week to 1,500 in 2011, and turnover increased from 15,000 to an estimated 8 million in 2011.[1]

The company ultimately started their own Cambridge Satchel factory near Leicester.[2]

Can’t wait to receive this british beauty in real!

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