Getting Cozy

With the ability to converse, every moment with leia is like a gift as she surprises us with contents we never expect.

On the way to downtown east today, we passed by a stretch of terrace houses and suddenly Leia said “wow, this house is beautiful … hmmm”

Certainly not her best shot but our recent picture together.

This weekend we spent quality time doing housework and baking together. Leia helped me to fold all her dad’s clothings and put away her own clothes into the wardrobe. I always thank my little helper for helping me out with housework.
The whole afternoon was all about baking. I did Lemon tart. If only I had the loose-bottom pie mould… Using my newly purchased Food Processor, I prepared the pastry dough without much fuss. Leia enjoyed watching the entire process and helped me to squeeze the lemon juice, break the eggs as well as played some dough.

When it was time to put the pastries including Leia’s work into the oven, she clapped her hands and said “Mummy, I am so happy with you! I LOVE YOU!” And I love her more than she can ever imagine. As the oven baked, I read books to my girl who insisted sitting on my lap.

When it was time for me to wash the dishes, she sat on the floor with her book, pinnochio. Leia was doing story telling based on the pictures.

As she grows, there are more cozy moments for us.

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