Golden Couple 36th Wedding Anniversary

Bret is greatly impressed by my mum’s relatives for many reasons. Mainly, the contagious joy of having a big family so strong and happy — by the way everyone interacts with each other, how we treat each other, what we do as a family and as individuals to support each other.

Uncle Riki, the eldest brother of my mum makes an inpsirational role model for brother, father, grandfather and definitely, husband.

Last year, he invited us to his wedding anniversary at pan pacific hotel. His speech on stage was moving and meangingful. My eyes were welled up with tears as he shared about his life journey and love story with Aunt Jenni.This year, celebration was held at Spring Court. Look at how the golden couple glow with love and happiness.


Dear Uncle Riki and Aunt Jenni,

Wedding Anniversary  is a very special moment in life. I am glad my family and I were able to be a part of this celebration to express our heartfelt joy to both of you.


Niece Serena and Family

Then, there was the unforgetable chinese delicacy… Roasted Pig! The crispy skin issoooo shiok… and precious.


All the dishes were great and family bonding made more fun with karoke in the private function room. Everyone likes to see the brothers in action.

My dear hubby Bret sang a song or two … I was suprised to see that he was not shy at all. Mr Black-Face  is very comfortable with my mum’s relatives because love is the remedy to a cold-heart. Leia on the otherhand, was laughing and playing non-stop with the girls. She was happily posing for pictures at the dinner too. Both my husband and daughter love Yong Family Gathering.

Look forward to see them soon again!

Spring Court Restaurant

52-56 Upper Cross Street 
Singapore 058348
(across from Chinatown Point carpark)

Tel: 6449-5030 Fax: 6535-6609

Lunch: 11.00am to 3.00pm (Last Order: 2.30pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (Last Order: 10.00pm)

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