Levonne turns 4

My girl love birthday celebrations and we were happy to be invited to Levonne’s cozy party at home.

Guests: Peony’s parents, Michelle (Peony’s bff), Beelian & family as well me and family

Levonne has grown up to be a beautiful, demure and sensible sister. Glenn and wife adopt strict parenting style when it comes to independence, manners and respect. The family has a close-knitted and fun family bonding with abundance of love. Levonne has impressed me with her love and thoughtfulness towards her younger brother, Geron. Good with younger children, Leia loves the birthday girl very much.

(Picture taken by Michelle)


Geron has this unbelievably charming smile and he melts the hearts of all adults at the party with his little guestures. He welcomed each of the adults in different ways.

He walked towards me and raised both hands to reach mine. The little charmer was giggling as our hands were locked and swinging. Super sweet. Bret who hardly plays with other kids find Geron very cute. When the boy accidentally hurt his little finger, he did not cry but Bret felt heartache so he helped to massage Geron’s little finger.

Another father, Rowen was playing happily with the boy too as the children unwrapped the party favors. A contagious joy was felt when they were playing with each other. Also, I saw little boy sitting very closely by the side of Beelian, smiling and enjoying her companion on the sofa. Beelian appeared to be mesmerised by Geron’s charm.

Everyone agreed Geron and Levonne make very loving and adorable siblings.

And now, birthday cake moment !

After the cakes, Glenn served chilled red wine to adults while the children continued to play with each other. Shevon was very high too and talk so much, Peony was shocked to know she is of the same age as Geron. When it was time to go, Leia looked upset.

Levonne: “Leia, tomorrow you come to my house again k!” My girl nodded and gave her little friend a goodbye hug before they part.

Thank you Glenn and Peony for letting us be a part of Levonne’s birthday party. The kids had an enjoyable time.

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