Fei Siong Seafood Dinner

Friday, Bret and I went to pick up Leia from school. Got to know from Principal May, the school concert starts from 10am to 1pm. In the email, children will need to reach school by 7am to prepare for actual day concert.

Leia is not willing to reveal anything about her performance. So I will just have to wait till concert day.


And for our dinner, we had chinese food at Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant, located at Simei Community Centre.


Food is surprisingly good.. a lot better than the coffeeshop near mrt. Soup is good and Bret likes the signature beancurd.

Bringing 3 yr old Leia out for dinner is such a breeze now. She can eat on her own and tells us what she wants and don’t want. If there is going to be baby no. 2 , back to square one. And travelling plans will be on hold too. Hmmm

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