Brunch & Friends

On Thursday, I met Best Friend B for brunch at Eggs & Berries.


B commented she appeared slim in this picture. I think she looked exceptionally lovely with her hairdo, make up, cardigan & “林志玲 dress.

At the restaurant, we ordered 2 sets of Steak & Egg.


Steak was little peppery for B who doesn’t take spicy. Otherwise, I reckon its worth ordering.

Done with lunch, we took the train to Bugis. Reached the mall, we were walking around aimlessly. Hitting 30 next year, I feel overaged at Bugis… Until B suggested going to the bookstore and something led me to grab an entreprenuer book titled “Click” by Fabian Lim.


Very useful insight and I intend to give this book to my future business partner. Pretty sure he will enjoy this book.

Back to my day with B. The main agenda to Bugis was to meet Agnes. Little Geron is hospitalised due to fever so three of us plan to visit the parents and handsome 2 year old.

With insurance protection, they stayed in the single-bedded ward. Nice and comforting. Geron’s temperature was 37 degree celcius however the doctor preferred to put him under observation thus the hospital stay. Good news is, he has discharged the next day after our visit 🙂

Glenn and Peony were elated to see us. We were there because we care and told the couple to let us know if we can help. Peony joked we are not “Charlie’s Angels” but “Glenn’s Angels”.

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