The Plans

A month after Leia turns 3, Bret uncovered an ideal partner for a business venture. On my side, I feel blessed to be invited to work with two veterans in a particular trade. This time, we have to be bold and rise up to the change.

Bret and I remind ourself … “I only make big decision when I am winning” – Harvey Spector

Entrepreneurship is something in his plan.This may sound weird, we are not motivated by profits but focusing on actualizing our dreams and formulating Bret-Serena way to create a win-win-win situation for everybody: our partner, ourselves and our customers.

Perception changes with time and experience. Fresh from school, we wanted a Career with Prospects that fulfils our needs and esteem. Reached the married-with-or-without-children stage, we learnt that its the wages and benefits that matters. After some years, we seek Work-life balance then….Self-Actualization for some.

Months ago, my brother and I were in this conversation about career choices. Being a fresh graduate, he felt that we should live with contentment and not live for money. Also, he was screening for a job that enables him to work near home. Can’t deny, I had that thought before and maybe you too!

Being the elder sister, I was eager to cast the “right” mindset and attitude towards career. Persuasively, I encouraged him to do more than he can. God gave everyone a unique gift to do something special. It’s not about the money but how we can contribute and create value to others and society.

At present, I am working on attaining the purpose in my daily life. A calling to help people I know in every ways I can. Speaking words of encouragement and sincere compliments can bring great difference to others life. So, be a reason someone smiles today.

A good friend of mine told me he had never thought of doing a business …. until I asked him, “Hey, you’re good in your field! Why not set up your own business?” According to him, the question got him thinking all day and night suddenly. Instead of job hopping to increase his salary, he did his research and is in the progress of establishing his very own company.

So now, a question for you.

There are 5 frogs sitting on a log and 4 decides to jump. How many frogs are left on the log?

The answer is 5. There is a difference between making Decision and Doing.

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