Loving Bret

Yesterday was a fulfilling Saturday. Together with mil and Aunt Roslyn, we accompanied Bret to collect his work documents at Parkway Parade followed by Lunch at Roxy Square. Then, it was time to shop for Mil’s birthdy gift.

Raffles City has this inviting atmosphere for shopping. Aunt Roslyn and I walked into Furla. She spotted an elegant blue working bag for herself but decided to walk around the mall before deciding on the bag. So back to main agenda, Mil’s watch. We stepped into Cortina. Leia sat well in her seat, Mil decided on the watch she likes but we can only collect the next day.


So later afternoon, Bret and I will collect the watch after my appointment.

Tea time was at Ya Kun. I told Bret I need to try Kaya Balls haha it is my first time.


Leia was behaving well throughout.


Aunt Roslyn is planning another family trip to Thailand next Jan. Most likely, we are going with Leia.

Back into Furla, I got attracted to the working bag as Aunt Roslyn held onto the purple bag. It was a sophiscated shade however, peach is my colour.

And then the surprising move, Bret handed his card to the retail assistant for the 4-digit payment. He grinned at Aunt Roslyn, “Its been a while since I bought something for you!” His aunt was over the moon ! Must be the love she felt from his nephew. As for me, my pay day was recent and I had wanted to reward myself with a new bag but hubby says, “It’s alright!”

Thank you Hubby! My first Furla piece added to my Working Bag Collections.


I cannot resist the Isabelle Pouch which I called it the 3-in-1 pouch.


Introducing my working pals below: Samsung Note 3, Furla & “Revived” Macbook Air collected after all the shopping. Still covered under warranty, I didn’t had to pay for the repair. Yuppie!


Not sure when I will start using my New Working Bag yet. Bret told me he is getting me another handbag for Christmas … actually I feel this is suffice. I am fine with carrying the same bag over and over again.

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