Leia at Kiddy Fun

In my last visit at The Grandstand, I saw Kiddy Fun After months, I brought Leia to this colourful indoor playground. Although the playground look similar to Singkids System at Vivo & Changi Airport, I found there is wider variety of stimulating play at Kiddy Fun.


Mini Merry-Go-Round


Most of the stations have auto spining functions at slow speed and enabling children to develop physical development and creativity as well as problem solving skills.


Leia was eager to try this.


She was happy taking the wheels in her hands.


Another station here which resembles a ship or helicopter.


Swings.. whereby she could sit or stand and the station brings her go round and round.


The concept reminds me of water bed. Certainly new to Leia and I had to encourage my little girl to try walking around the stimulating surface.


Pitballs always her favourite, she went back here couple of times.


For more information, do visit their website and more pictures at their Gallery.


$18 for 3 hours (Above 18 months old)  + 2 accompanying adults

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