The Line with my ladies

Yesterday was a buffet celebration for H at The Line, Shangri-La Hotel. E & I took a cab from ion to the hotel and it only cost us $4.50 however B spent $9 for her cab ride due to peak hour surcharge. As for H, she was the heroine who walked from Adelphi Building to the hotel.

The oysters from New Zealand were the best I ever had. Very fresh & sweet, I had slightly more than a dozen of oysters. Tried canadian… kinda bitter not as nice. Persuaded E to try at least one piece of New Zealand Oyster. Reluctant yet spontaneous, my dear E agreed. Her verdict was she still cannot get over the unique taste (腥味) of oyster. H told us Sydney’s market is better and I shall try next year.

Besides seafood, I was sad to know there was no roast beef but lamb which I don’t eat. Had laksa & some cold salad. Didn’t eat much of the cooked dishes. Dessert section was beautifully displayed but the durian cake was disappointing. Texture was dry and instead of fresh puree, I tasted sponge cake with durian essence. For me, the rest of the dessert was so-so.

The soursop & kalamansi yogurt was unforgetable.


Ended my buffet with a superb yogurt.


Teh terik is their signature tea. B & E complimented the drink.

Collections of tea is great. (Credit to E for the pic)


Ordered the Rose with French Vanilla tea that blew me away. As the description, seductive tea.

Book a Table

As I made the reservation online, there is a 25% discount on overall bill. Instead of $72++ per pax, we paid about $62 🙂

Sweet H bought us gifts from Australia. And I gave them gifts from Hong Kong. For H’s Bday Gift, I bought Victoria Secret Angel Gold (Fruity Scent).


Went out with H previously and learnt that she uses VS perfume so I decided to add another bottle to her collections. Had wanted to get best seller, Bombshell which she already has but … was drawn to another perfume named Angel. Well… everyone knows H has the purest and kindest heart. She is an angel to people around her and to me, she is a Gold-Class Angel.

Happy Birthday H, gonna arrange another meeting soon.


Glad to fulfil our The Line Buffet in her birthday month.

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