Our Family Day

Its Public Holiday today. The night before, I told Bret we can bring Leia to Tampines Library and let her pick up some books. He was good with the idea.

Mil & Aunt Roslyn had wanted to bring Leia out however Bret wanted to spend the entire day with his daughter. So, he told them that we are going to take Leia to library.


For lunch, he wanted Ding Tai Feng. Reached the restaurant and was informed we need to wait for an hour. In the end we went Ajisan Ramen.

Toy R Us

After lunch, we brought Leia to Toy R Us to look at toys. Since day 1 at shopping mall with Leia, I have never bought her any toys. I only buy and give it to her at home.

We made it clear to her that we do not buy toys when shopping with her. Maybe thats why we have yet to encounter problem of Leia crying for toys at retail stores.


Bret drove to library only to realised it is closed on holidays. My hubby actually asked me to check which other library is opened. Without checking, my reply was all libraries. Leia began to whine insisted on going to library. She even denied our suggestion to have ice cream. So I told her we can go to the library at double bay. With tears in her eyes, she agreed unwillingly.

Double Bay

Leia found the library boring as there were many adults yet no other kids so we went off to outdoor playground where it was just us. 10 mins later, she was satisfied with the fun we had at playground.

Japanese Curry

As soon as we got home, Leia asked for milk and dozed off while drinking. I began to prepare Japanese Curry.


Gotta cut the Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Chicken meat into cubes. Then sauteed in the pot until slightly brown. next add water and bring to full boil followed by adding the block of sauce mix. Simmer for 20mins and it was ready.

I served the dish with rice and fried egg & ham. Looked beautiful and outcome was successful… not sure why I didn’t take any picture.

Bret enjoyed the dish. Instead of spicy, the gravy is sweet. We had to tell Leia its “Japanese Gravy” because she knows curry means there is chilli. She cannot handle spicy and was suspicious when Bret slipped off his mind mentioned “curry”. Leia said her tongue is burning and refused to finish her bowl of rice. Bret had to coax and fed her.

Cozy in Bed

Dinner over, three of us had media time. Leia and I watched youtube and Bret played his iphone soccer game. Before ending our night, we talked, sang children songs and played together.

That’s our day on a public holiday. Its back to office & school on wednesday…

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