Day 4: Hong Kong 2013

Made our way to Causeway Bay and we had breakfast at a Noodle & Congee Eatery.


Cantonese Sampan Congee consists of peanuts, cuttlefish, fish slices and shredded chicken.


It is even better than the Bird Nest Congee I tried on Day 1.  Bret had Wanton mee again while my mum and dad ordered western set & beef noodle. We all like what we ordered. Then, its time to visit the mall. Hysan Place is a high-end shopping mall.


There was nothing much for us to buy. Although my mum managed to get a jig saw puzzle from the bookstore at level 8. Next, we took the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui.

2013-10-07 13.11.51

We went Sogo Departmental Store and I actually found few fashion pieces for myself. Not cheap though… Next, dinner was Steamboat. When the locals think of Hot Pot, they will think of Little Sheep. And there is a branch at Mongkok, Argylee Street.

little sheep

Something new to me, the Hot Pot restaurant is 3-storey. What I didn’t like was, the strong detergent smell in the restuarant.

The waitresses were mainly in their 40s. Despite an empty restaurant, they actually assigned us a table near the toilet! We refused the table and immediately, the waitresses made loud and crude remarks. Well, it is norm about their attitude. I witnessed how the waitresses “scold” local people as well.

We ordered the “Yuan Yang”. Chicken Broth is nice, ingredients like fish paste and meat balls were fresh.


A pity, I don’t like lamb. Sliced beef was so-so. Conclusion, one-time experience at Little Sheep is enough.

After dinner, it was my parents turn to shop around Mongkok. Bret carried Leia and I decided to hunt for desserts.

Woohoo! Five Generations Dessert (五代同糖) is just nearby. Behind Langham Place, you can find it along Shan Tung Street (Mongkok Station).  We had takeaway Egg Pudding.


The Original Egg Pudding in Egg Shell. Certainly, a novelty for me.


Leia was as excited to try out the pudding from the egg shell.


The Egg Pudding was intensely milky. Bret and Leia didn’t like the texture and taste. In the end, took me two days to finish 5 out of 6 egg puddings. My little girl asked for her real milk.


A while later, I prepared Bubble Bath for Leia. Look at the cheeky smile on her face!


I used a small bottle of Crabtree & Evelyn Jojoba Oil to create the foam.


The water temperature was a little warm and I saw a red “lobster” in the bath tub. lol


Having bubble bath at hotel can be fun for toddlers. And a bonding moment for us too.

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