Day 3: Hong Kong 2013

Another morning of dim sum! This time, Aunt Roslyn told us her local friend reccomended Superstar Seafood Restaurant located at the shopping centre linked to our hotel.

At 11am Mil & Aunt Roslyn started queuing at the restaurant and we just had to wait for our queue number to be called out.


Waited for about 15 mins before we were ushered to our seats.


As everything on the menu is in chinese,  we leave the ordering to Mil & Aunt Roslyn.


Saw pictures of cute dim sum and I just have to order them for Leia!


Before food was served, we have a Mother-Daughter shot.


The National Main Dish, Chee Cheong Fun or we can translate into Steamed Rice Noodle Roll.


It is very rare to find similar standard in Singapore.


Another Must-Try in Hong Kong, Century Egg Porridge.


Soon the table was filled with delicious handmade delicacies.


Leia was elated to see “Bumble Bee”.


And Lion Bun


The cantonese chefs are so creative and talented. The dim sum were as good as they looked.


My First Time having Roasted Pigeon. More tender than duck, I think it was ok for me.


Chicken with Crackers reminds me of Wedding Dinners.


Super Star Seafood Restaurant

Grand Century Place, Shop 601, Level 6 (Branch – Mong Kok East Station)

After lunch, Mil & her sisters went to Wong Tai Sin (Temple) while Bret and my parents did some window-shopping at Grand Century Place. The mall is undergoing renovation and many shops were not opened yet. We did manage to shop at the newly opened Japanese Supermarket and bought a bottle of moscato to chill in our hotel room.

In the afternoon, we took a 10 mins walk to the nearby Flower Market. Lured by the aroma, we found Supreme Bakery.


So far, the Best Hong Kong Egg Tart we have tasted.

egg tart

G/F, 176 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon. , Prince Edward (Mongkok East Station)

As the streets were packed with people, Bret had Leia in Beco Carrier (borrowed from Glenn & Peony). The great daddy carried his little girl for as long as 45 minutes or more. Around 6pm, we chanced upon a chinese restaurant that served Oyster Porridge.


Oyster Lovers will love this porridge. Very fresh ingredients and tasty broth.

After dinner, my parents went back to hotel with the tired little girl. Bret and I continued to walk around Mongkok. We decided to relax ourselves with 50mins Foot Reflex and 10 mins Waist, Shoulders and Neck Massage which cost less than S$30.The massage salons are located at 2nd floor so we just had to look out for the signboards.

Personally, I find their Foot Reflex better than Sg.

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