Greetings from Hong Kong!

A flashback on the plane. Bret and I finally experienced our first plane ride with Leia. The departure time was 7.05am.

At 3 yrs old, she is able to express her feelings and needs … making the journey on plane a breeze.


Leia was still active and cheeky. But once the plane took off, she went into a comfortable position & napped immediately.


Here’s Cathay Pacific Children Meal


I woke Leia up to have some porridge. Afterwhich she did some colouring followed by cartoon.


Upon arrival of Hk, we took a cab to our hotel. Its our 3rd night at Royal Plaza Hotel. Mil & Family love this hotel very much.


After a long day of walkings, having a comforting hot bath in a luxurious bathroom was perfect.


Bret thought I was being funny & silly to raise the blinds of bathroom. Lol


I was actually whatsapping my friends while relaxing in the tub.

And for today when I returned to my room this evening, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. The chamber maids here are unusually generous with their replenishing of amendities.


The newly renovated hotel is modern & posh. Linked to Grand Century Shopping mall & Mong Kok East Mtr Station. Also, it is 15mins walk to Ladies Street.

Gonna try the free shuttle bus to Tsim Sha Tsui tmr morning.

Other than Day 2 to Disneyland, I do not have any plans. Basically we just let our feet & heart guide us around hk.

Initially …. anti-travel Bret was harping on how much he dislike to travel but we had a talk and next day, he changed for the better.

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