Steak with Agnes

Yesterday I met Agnes for late lunch. Her baby will be due in Jan. We have been meeting almost every week for steamboat buffet or steaks.


At Breeks, Northpoint, my beautiful friend was smiling at her steak. Letting out a laugh together we said, “We are so deprived of beef.”

Her hubby and family do not eat beef for religious reason. Same goes for me.

The Rule

My closest friends know how much I love steak and when I told them my mil disallow beef in the house due to religon, they felt sorry for me.

Bret tried to sneak in beef for me but I respect my mil so I didn’t ..even though she will not know.

Favourite Steak

Has to be Sirloin Steak from this western food stall thats no longer around. Best Friend knows how much I love this steak.

Currently, the best I had is at Mr Bean, Selegie. Will bring Agnes there the next time we meet.

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