My Appreciation

This morning, I woke up from an angry dream about Bret. It was raining outside and I wanted so much to laze in bed for a while more… however, I need to shower and get ready for work.

My mum called few times to make sure I will be going office. She has a trusted hair dresser near my office and she only visits the salon when I need to go office.

There’s me in dad’s car.


As the saying goes, dreams are opposite of reality. Bret have beem unusually sweet. Could be the quality time we had in these couple of weeks.


With the arrangement of Leia at my mum’s place mon-wed, Bret and I had the whole house to ourselves. Just two of us, he made me feel like I am the centre of his universe once again.

My Man

Yesterday Bret initiated to pick me up from Yishun, which was simply out of the way. I told him he didn’t have to … but he came. Then today, he was supposed to have company dinner.. I was expecting him to be home around 9pm. Yet somehow his training ended super early at 1pm. Bret could have arranged a coffee session or dinner with his friends or colleagues but … he didn’t.

The first person he called to meet was me and my guy waited 45 mins at the carpark of my office with no grumbles, only smiles when I entered his car.


His sweetness touched me and I decided to show my appreciation with a body massage. Turned on the Relaxing Song Playlist on youtube and lit the essential oil for spa mood.


Got the above “spa kit” from The Bodyshop. Bret thought I was kidding and turned suspicious about my motive. The truth is simple, I just want him to be happy just as he wants me to.

I let down the night curtain to create a dim atmosphere. Lavendar & Huile massage oil is my perfect scent for relaxtion. Massage was quite a success. He dozed off a little. Something I have not done for a long, long time. During courtship, we always pamper each other by taking turns to massage each other.

Glad to revive this feeling.

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