Feng Shui and Success

Is Fengshui a religon? My view is, no. From what I know, it has to do with the orientation of the house or environment we are in. I’m more into the science and logical layouts to create happiness and harmony to where I live.

Source from Wikipedia:

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. 

Came across this interesting Taiwan Talk Show about Fengshui here. Neverthess, I’m not promoting Fengshui for sure-success or solutions to all problems.

In my line of work, I was able to meet incredible entrepreneurs and leaders. 9/10 chinese business men seek a Fengshui Master for the layout of their house or office. The wealtiest chinese man we know, Li Ka-Shing has a Fengshui Master to guide him. So did our prominent leader. I respect them for their achievements and the value they brought to the world. Surely, these great men have a good reason to believe in Fengshui.

A successful business man who had built his empire from scratch once told me,

“If we frame our mindset to do the opposite of what successful people do, then expect the opposite result.”

For me, Fengshui is considered reference and optional. More important are the attributes of an individual.

Here are things I find in Successful People has in common:

  • They have Dream
  • They have Courage
  • They are  Focused
  • They are Decision-Makers
  • They get Things Done
  • They carry a Positive Attitude
  • They always have Solutions to Problems
  • They have Terrific Connections

Success to me, is not measured by financial means but to achieve goals and bringing positive impact to people around us as well as the society. And sure, everyone has their own definition of success.

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