Preparing in-flight entertainment for Leia

Have set myself for Holiday Mood but … I need to clear my work before this Friday’s Flight. Being our first time bringing Leia overseas, there are somethings i need to prepare:

  • iPad with Movies
  • Pack her Favourite Snacks
  • Some books
  • Colouring Travel Pack

Hopefully these will entertain my three year-old otherwise, I have a feeling she might just fall asleep after a while.

Who else is going to HK with us?

  • My Parents, His Mum, two Aunts and Cousin Karen


  • Flying Cathay Pacific, we will be staying at Royal Plaza Hotel, Mongkok for 5D4N. The main agenda was to visit Disneyland and enjoy the local delicacies. Bret loves dim sum and I wanna eat the Smelly Tofu. Shopping wise, I doubt I would spend much on clothings. Many friends have told me SKII is cheaper there so I will definitely stock up my skincare at the departmental stores.

A moment we have been waiting for and yes, a planned first passport chop to Hong Kong.

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