Leia and her Piano Dresser

One of her birthday gifts was unwrapped and I assembled a Piano Dresser. Another new addition to her playroom !

In fact, I was considering a Mother Garden Dresser for Leia and now, we have a dresser that even comes with a cute stool for her to sit.


A dresser which doubles up as a piano. Even without the battery, Leia is already singing and imagining the tunes as her little fingers danced on the keyboard.


When the keyboard was closed, she focused on the beauty pieces. By the way, the beaded bracelets and necklace were acessories from this dresser.


Looking dazed as she combed her hair… what was she thinking?


I never owned a dresser toy when I was a kid. But I do remember my mum bought me toy lipstick and accessories which I enjoyed playing.


Maybe in the next playdate, I will get the little girls to pretend a “Makeover” scene. Who’s going to be the stylist and model?


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