Leia at Baby U

It is the time of the month for me. My stomach cramps left me in bed for hours and Bret noticed the unusual pain. Being the caring husband, he assumed the housework and offered to take Leia out with him to buy lunch for us. At around 1.30pm, Red Mart delivery arrived. We have rice now! I have ordered several items needed at home too.

4pm now, weather is peaceful and cooling after the rain. Just went through the soft copies of Leia’s photoshoot at Baby U.


Leia had quite a fun time at Baby U studio.


Below is our favorite picture.


Most likely, we will go back next year for other concepts.

Cramps and Plans

Recent weekend, I noticed Leia had given up waking her mummy and daddy. She would wake up, open the door and look for Grandma Khoo asking for milk.

Around 9am, she would return to the room. The moment my eyes were opened, I see my dearest daughter greeting me “Good Morning Mummy!”

Having stomach cramps, I decided to order Mac delivery for breakfast. Watched tv together in the living room till 3pm. I have also ordered groceries from Red Mart and delivery will be tomorrow afternoon.

It’s 5pm now and my darlings have been napping. Waiting for them to wake up for the following programme:

  • Collect Photo Album from BabyU
  • Borrow books from Tampines Library
  • Buy Take-Away Dinner

Glenn and his family will be coming over tonight. Peony told me their daughter often tell them they want to see Leia and come to our house. Bret looks forward to men’s talk, Leia can’t wait to see Levonne and Geron!

Friendly Week

Finally, its Friday. Have been meeting friends this week

Tuesday: Rowen and Agnes. Followed by Mj with Bret’s colleagues till 11.30pm

Wed: Catching up with Yongzhi and Beelian till 12am

Thursday: Glenn, Peony and new Friend Tabby (A dog groomer). Evening was with CK till 10pm.

Friday: Lunch with Beelian & new Friend (her colleague who shares the same tastebud as me)

Time for Joel Osteen.

Peace and Shopping

There were many things to look forward after the dinner. Once I was home I felt this Inside-Out Comfort. After shower, even better … because I get to continue my Online Shopping!

Looking for couple of stuffs:

  • Something to contain the never-ending mails
  • Sling bag
  • Cambridge Messenger bag

Listening to Jazz now.

Spagetti for Saturday Dinner

Having no helper and dish washer, we are not always motivated to cook at home… but last evening, Bret chose home cooked food for dinner. While the father & daughter took their afternoon nap, I made Spagetti.

Thawed the minced pork, hot dog, japanese scallops …, Chopped Onions and Boiled Spagetti. Stir fry onions with meat and sauce. 30 minutes later, dinner ready.


A pity my spagetti was not al dente. Bret commented not soft enough but Leia interrupted; “It’s Nice. Not not Nice.” Sure nice as she’s hot-dog lover like her daddy.


Basically, the combination of butter & white wine for the restaurant taste ~


Love the taste of scallops although Bret prefers his version.