Leia 3rd Birthday at Mindchamps

A week before, I spoke to Teacher Evelyn over the phone to arrange the birthday party and requested for the name list for her classmates. As I decided to give customised cookies as party favors.

Here are some pictures of Leia’s Birthday Party at Mindchamps on her actual birthday.


Before her party, I asked Leia what does she wants for her birthday cake in school. Her reply, “Barney!” And so, I ordered from Prima Deli. And then, a family shot with grandparents.


My girl is a cake-lover and she cannot resist poking the cake with her finger to taste the cream. We had to stop her repeatedly. The vanilla cake was so tasty, many of her friends actually requested for second & third helping.


While her friends were eating the cakes, Bret and Leia distributed the personalised cookies to her friends and teachers.


The children and teachers like the cookies very much. Purple Dino for friends and rainbow for teachers.


Maybe I should learn to make cookies like these.

4 thoughts on “Leia 3rd Birthday at Mindchamps

    • Hi Fouzia,

      My daughter enjoys the curriculum at mindchamps. Principal and teachers are great too. Do visit the centre to find out more.

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