Celebration for Dearest E

Before Leia’s party in the evening, H & I planned a Bday Celebration for our lovely E.

30 Mini Cupcakes

The best cupcakes I have ever tried was from Sweetest Moments and I knew I had to order this meaningful “cake” for E.


Seeing the letters, we found an ideal pose. In our groupchat, we always address each other’s initial.


Surprise Video

E has been making videos for friends and finally, a video specially for her. We told her there will be a surprise and… its a montage which I spent hours creating.  Also, there are surprise greeting clips from her best friend, Tracy, hubby Willip and her children.

Surprise Bouquet

On the day before the celebration, Willip gave me a call telling me he is going to order a bouquet for E. In the morning, a stunning bouquet of roses was delivered to my place.

When Willip entered my house, he was so excited to present the bouquet to E and I told him to wait for my que. I told him I will be showing E the montage and when I say “Time to take pictures” he may come out of the playroom to surprise E.



The Happy Family 🙂

Dear E, stay lovely and pretty. Also, may your wish come true !

Hope you like the meaningful gift.


“You know what I mean when I can’t find the words”

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