Special Credits for Leia’s 3rd Birthday Party

A sneak preview of Leia’s Birthday Party last evening…. The venue was Function Room at my place and there are few individuals whom I am thankful to have in this event.

First and Foremost, Cupcake Divinity for the awesome Disneyland Cake requested by Leia.

Eileen knew exactly what I am looking for and I feel blessed to know her mum who was the baker of Cupcake Divinity. I am very impressed with the outcome and certainly, it is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen in real.


This will be a memorable cake before she visits Disneyland.

Also, we have a Castle Balloon as Backdrop for the kids. It’s like a playhouse to them. Most the time, the children were hanging around this castle playing and singing together.


Balloons amuses children and from the hands of Artsy Balloons, it was an eye-opener for adults. My guests were fascinated by Ouji’s talent. He suggested making Disney Characters Balloons for the kids in the party which is perfect for the event. Check out the minion and princess balloons below!


The balloons doubled up as Props for photo taking too.

Then, there’s Master Rowen Ong who did tarot reading non-stop for two hours. Turned out, it is popular event for my adult guests. I had friends trying to chope the seat once vacant.


As for food, we ordered catering from my mil’s thai restuarant. Aunt Roslyn sent few maids to be in-charge of the bbq pit. Everyone was telling me how delicious the food is. Glad to know my guests enjoyed the food.

Last but not least, my dearest H. She was very helpful throughout the event. I seek her help to photograph Leia’s birthday party again and Bret was overwhelmed by her kind personality. H was constantly checking how she can assist in anything. From decors to moving stuffs around, making sure everything is in place.


My Dear, you’re truly an Angel. Bret kept telling me, we need to give you a sumptuous treat to show our sincere appreciation. Love you H

Thankful to everyone who joined me and my family to celebrate Leia’s 3rd birthday and we grateful to receive generous gifts as well as birthday wishes.

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