Mooncake Gathering 2013

Thursday was Lantern Festival and I attempted Cereal Prawn for the first time. A little spicy because the butter absorbed the flavour from chilli padi and curry leaf before I add the nestum cereal.


There’s Glenn who brought his family.  Dessert was Mooncake from Shangri-la Hotel (Traditional) & Bakerzin(Snow skin with Alcohol) image

We were supposed to guess the alcohol flavout and only Glenn got all correct. Orange Vodka, Bailey, Rum and Raisins.


Because we meet so often, Levonne and Leia behave likes sworn sisters.  They were talking to each other and pretending to be adults, shopping at supermarket and cooking like their parents.

Glenn told me his daughter kept telling him, “I want to go Leia’s house” We welcome the family very much because Leia loves Poh Siblings dearly. The last segment was Bubble Play at the balcony.


The kids were out of control … screaming with excitement as they try to catch the bubbles.

When it was time to go home, Leia appeared sad and refused to bid goodbye. She told me she wants an elder sister… hmmm

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