Dinner at Home

Weekend is time for me to hone my culinary skills. These days, I will used up all ingredients needed for the dinner. Freshness makes a critical factor for delicious and nutritious meals.

Last week, I made his favourite Braised dishes and this is my most successful Soy Chicken with Mushrooms. Recipe was taken from this youtube clip starring famous sg blogger Xia Xue. If I had time, I would add hard-boiled eggs.


Here’s my Stir-Fry Brocoli with Scallops. Marinated the scallops with white wine. Next time, I will fry the scallops and set aside instead of frying with oyster sauce for “White Scallops”. Initially, Bret was kinda turn off by the brown-coloured scallops however he commented this dish is tasty!


ABC Soup .. Lots of cutting to do and everyone likes the soup. I realised onion makes great ingredient for soup.


It’s a routine for Bret and Leia to take his nap on Sunday afternoon. During this time, I would prepare dinner. Somehow, Leia wasn’t tired and I had to find activities for Leia to do. Gave her my G12 to snap pictures of her new Train Table… and I found pictures of her own.


Not sure how she does it… that’s a practical life-skills. lol


Mother-Daughter shot at home before we wake Daddy up for dinner.

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