Preparation for Leia’s 3rd Birthday

Few weeks ago, I created an event on facebook to invite friends and relatives to Leia’s party. And I found a picture taken in May this year where my little girl was supposed to do a twist but.. well, might have been God’s plan. This picture came in handy for her 3rd birthday invite on facebook. Friends and relatives told me they like this picture a lot 🙂


Coming saturday is her birthday and I have accomplished the followings:

  • Engaged Artsy Balloons for two hours as well as balloon backdrop at Party
  • Confirmed Cake with Cupcake Divinity for the Party
  • Confirmed the Menu for Beverages, Catering and BBQ at Party
  • DIY Cupcake Station for the Adults and Kids at the Party (With Best Friend B’s help)
  • Confirm Party timing with her school
  • Fixed Appointment for Photoshoot at Baby U on her actual birthday

Will be getting a Barney cake for her party at school next week and I need to prepare Party Favors for her friends.

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