Train Table for Leia

During Friday Bedtime, I told Leia her Train Table will arrive the next day. I have ordered through Peeka and received a sms about the delivery time 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday. Both of us were excited.

Saturday morning, Leia anxiously waited for peeka delivery. Frowning and looking sad, she lamented “why the uncle so long….. I cannot wait so long ….you know”

I explained to her we have to be patient as the uncle is delivering toys to other children too. A concept is similar to Santa Claus.

Finally, our door bell rang! Leia and I ran to the door and she greeted the delivery man loudly “Hello!!” with her cheekiest smile. The middle aged malay man was surprised and grinned “Hello! …oh.. your toys are here :)”


Mummy S is always in action to set up furnitures, electronic devices and toys at home. Not that Daddy B refuses to participate but track record shows I can read the instruction manual faster. And there’s a reason why I scored full marks for Technical Subject during secondary school days. Think its inner passion?

This time, I took a while to assemble her toy. When her Train Table was ready, Leia kissed and thanked me.


Bought the train table not because Leia asks for it.  Several times, I saw the sad look on her face when she had to leave the train table at Mothercare (Kallang Leisure). So, I decided to bring a train table home for her.

Personally, I like wooden toys.  Feel like painting the wood white… shall find a day to diy.

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