Shopping with Best Friend B

Best Friend B took leave on Friday. At 11am, she arrived at my place with her mother. Three of us were having a long chat about domestic helpers issues. We then took a train to Tampines Central for Sakae Teppanyaki.

B and I ordered the Beef Lunch Set and she likes the beef too!  She ordered Sakae Lunch Set (Venision) for her mum. Picture below from camemberu


For the price of not more than $20 per pax, the set lunch left us feeling very full and sleepy. B have been very generous and kind, she insisted on treating me again. And next, B and I went into a mood for shopping spree.

B bought her mum a Braun Buffet wallet and I happened to pick the design and colour which auntie like. Had wanted to sponsor part of the wallet but B said daughter’s filial piety. Then, we went Popular Book Store to get my Printer Cartidge as well as Address Labels for work. A children book by Nick Vujicic caught my eye and I brought the book home. At Toy R Us, B found a present for Leia and I bought Baby Alive! for her.

Before going home, B and I stepped into OTO Store. We tried two machines and B decided on the latest OTO mBraze (Lavender) as there’s accupressure massage to relieve soreness.


Source from OTO mBraze

“Using its special mechanism, it simulates a powerful ‘real life’ shiatsu massage to relieve those pains and tired aching muscles. Most importantly, using OTO Mbraze to massage on the Acupressure Points (AP), relieving of neck, shoulder, upper back, mid back, lower back, calf muscle pain is fast and effective.

If used on the abdominal area, by massaging on the Guan Yuan AP, slimming or toning of bulging tummy is very effective too. “

For me,  I already have Osim Uangel so all I need now is a machine that’s compact and focus on slimming. OTO e-Shape was the solution I chose for diy home-slimming. In fact, I’m using it on my thigh as I blog now 🙂

e shape

Source from OTO e-Shape 

“By using high and varying oscillating speeds to stimulate certain acupressure points on the body, the e-Shape aids detoxification and promotes a healthy digestive system. The power from the oscillatory motions also enables fat to be detached from body tissues before they are drained out of the body through the lymphatic system which in turn aids overall body slimming and toning.”

After shopping, B & I went back to her place chatting and watching short movies together. Lately, my dear best friend is interested in electronic devices from Olay to OTO and now she is looking at battery-operated toothbrush or waterfloss device? The thing is, she always get stuffs that are handy and effective which in turn, I will end up buying the same thing too.

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