Changi Village: Bai Sha Seafood

Thursday dinner was seafood at Changi Village Food Centre, Bai Sha Seafood Stall. My parents patronised the chef whom they called “Yan Dao Kia” (handsome) since I was a kid. Now that I have grown up and working, it’s my turn to treat them. After the recent renovation, the stall has moved to another side and glad I found it.

Ordered seafood … yummy
Its the one and only stir-fry lala I love in Sg. Not sambal but the unforgettable sauce coming from the sweetness of lala & garlic. Great to go with rice.

Gong Gong… is something Bret will never try. So I only get to eat with my parents or friends.

Sotong… I prefer Sambal version but still nice.

My dad ate three bowls of rice! Its unusual because the dishes were all his favourites.

Motivated to experiment the lala dish at home.

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