Yam’s Kitchen & Gift

My payday comes twice a month and each time, I would give my parents a good treat.

Today we had chinese cuisine at Yam’s Kitchen, Ehub!


They were pleased with the dishes. Fish Maw Soup with crab meat, Vegetable in Superior Broth, 冬粉虾, Salted Egg Pumpkin and Marmite Pork.

Next, my mum accompanied me to do work errands. We were chatting with joy as we walked from buildings to building. Mother and Daughter time. Then I told her I want to get a gift for my cousin who will be flying to Australia for long term stay with her hubby.


Cousin J used to be my fav playmate during relatives gathering. Ever since she went overseas to study, we rarely meet. Still, I will never forget our cousin-moment at her house in Thomson. They were good memories and… I do treasure relationships in my life. 

Due to my family & work commitments, I may not always contact my relatives & friends but I do feel happy for them when I see their adventurous life on facebook and instagram.

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