Our Evening at Barks Cafe

Yesterday Bret and I went Barks Cafe for dinner. He ordered Seafood Mee Goreng at $17. It was expensive and surprisingly good.

I had seafood aglio olio. Everything was fine except a little oily like before. After dinner, we unwind ourselves with wine & beer. Reason why I am there was because of the music played in the restaurant.

There was “Back at One”, “As long as you love me” …etc listening to these songs I love lift me up. Somehow Bret was looking at me all the way and its been long time since I get such full attention from him.

His unusual behavior made me wondered…so I asked,

S: “Do you have something to tell me?”
B: “No.”
S: “Then why do you have that sheepish look on your face”
B: “Sheepish??? Whats that? I have only heard of Shitty.”

Sounds alike but meaning is different.

S:”Go google the word S-H-E-E-P-I-S-H”

Bret went ahead to search and online dictionary says “embarrassed”. Not exactly what I thought but still, we laughed and enjoyed our moment at the cafe.

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