Chock Full of Bean

Bret drove us to Changi Village and I saw an upcoming “Holland village” in the very East of Singapore.

Apart from the traditional coffeeshops, there are chill-out pubs and cafes. This time, we visited Chock Full of Bean.

Hubby was taken aback by the popularity of the cafe. It was 2pm and there was no empty seat at all. In fact, we were 4th on the waiting list and 15mins later, there was an available table for us.

I ordered Caramel Macchiato.


And the Baristar made a very cute Cafe Mocha for him.


Grouchy Leia was not in the mood for cafe. She was drowsy and demanded her afternoon nap. We tried to extend her stamina by getting her to “la kopi” (stir the coffee)


Finally, food arrived at our table. Our initial choice, Ultimate Rosti, was out of stock so we settled for Banger and Egg.


Toast was fine. Bret felt the scrambled egg was so-so. As for saussage, not for us.

Not sure if I will go back again…

Other than the coffee art, we prefer coffee at starbucks. Also, I am likely to skip the main course in my next visit. We do see a lot of tables ordering food, maybe its just our tastebuds.

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