Rainy Friday

Yesterday, three of us were freed from work and school. Yuppie! We woke up really late like 11pm and I love the feeling of being home watching how rain changes the way home feels.

The Rain

The weather on Friday was gray. Breeze from nature kissed our cheeks gently and we could only hear the rain.  In the living room, Leia and I were playing Thomas and Friends Toys as she hummed “Rain, Rain Go away”. A moment of comfort and cozy in our dimly lit home overlooking the beautiful landscape outside the balcony.

Scallop Porridge

Our afternoon plan was to scout for outdoor furnitures for alfresco chillin or dining. Before we were out, I prepared yummy scallop porridge. Every mouth of porridge comes with scallops. And I cannot help analysed my hubby’s facial expression as he ate the porridge with satisfaction. The thing about Bret, his comment “Not bad” has become so predictable regardless.

Outdoor Furniture

We made a trip to Comfort Furniture at Eunos. Biggest and best showroom for designers’ furnitures except that the sales executives were bound to their desk focusing on bigger deals. Bret and I found an outdoor set however the price does not match my budget. Something tells me I could find better deal and indeed, I saw the same set online. Still hesitating though so…kiv for now.

Jacky and Teresa

At 7pm, Teresa arrived our place. We booked the ktv room and the husbands brought liquor for leisure drinking. Leia was most delighted to see the lovely couple. She asked to play her children songs on screen and when she was expecting her song, it turned out to be Bret’s song. Daddy Khoo had inserted his song to the top of playlist. She went from shock to frowns, angrily looked at cheeky Bret. Like her daddy, she has low tolerance for people who cuts queue. Still, her facial expression was hilarious. Mil and Aunt Roslyn popped by and Leia joined them.

Finally, Bret and I can sing peacefully. Our night with friends ended at 11.30pm. Planning to book tennis court next time.

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