Leia’s Day Out & Supper

Saturday morning, mil took Leia out for brunch at her restaurant followed by vivo city with cousin Esther & Jaydan.

Both Bret and I were home surfing the net. By the time Leia returned home, it was 4pm.


Mil told us our girl had much fun shopping at Toy R Us and kiddy ride which $5 for 5min.


Her first drive. Mil told us Leia enjoyed driving on her own.


Leia ever said to me, “I want to drive like mummy.”

Lantern Festival

In the evening, my parents took Leia to Tampines Central for Lantern Festival Celebration organized by grass root. There was a goodie bag and some interesting booths.

Leia saw lion dance and I am surprised she wasn’t scared. As a kid, I ran away from the drums and gongs of lion dance.


Bret and I bought Pasar Malam goodies like Herbal Tea Eggs, Taiwan Sausage, Otah and Tutu Kueh home. Rekindled our school days dating time. Then, he remembered I have cravings for Black Pepper Crab so… one last thing before home.

Our dining table was messy with goodies & food. Feast as we watched Crime & Investigation while Leia did coloring & blocks building. It was sinful yet terrific way to end our Saturday night.

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