Wipe-Clean Counting Book

During a book sale, I bought this book and kept the book till leia is ready for chalks. The sound of chalk on board reminded me of my school days. In the office and training classes today, there’s only white board. I have seen interactive whiteboard on youtube before… very cool stuffs.

So here’s her Wipe-Clean Counting Book


Seemed to me she had handled chalks before.


We did counting together and she started drawing…


Without me directing, Leia wiped away the chalks with the yellow cloth.


She’s wearing a cute dress and accessory by sbff, E.

Morning with Leia

Last night, Glenn came over for a chat and our night ended at 2am. Leia woke up in the middle of the night for milk and our sleep was interrupted. Around 11am, Leia called out to us repeatedly “It’s morning already! Time to wake up!” We tried to ignore the human alarm … until she asked for milk. Did some stretching and opened my eyes, the little girl welcome my day with a cheeky smile.

I found two “breakfast sets” on our individual bedside tables. The toy set consists of milk shake, plate of fruits and fork/spoon. Leia and I showered and it was time for me to make real breakfast for us. Next, I did laundry and she was my helpful assistant for housework. While Bret and I were watching “13 Ghosts” on tv, Leia was playing with her piano dresser toy. So engrossed with her new toy, she was not affected by the scary sound effects coming from the horror show.

The 3 yr-old has been very occupied with new toys from her birthday party. Whereas Bret and I have entered Pre-holiday mood .. few more days, Leia will experience aeroplane ride.  Another milestone for us.

Baby Chef: Banana Cake

Last afternoon, I told Leia we are going to make Banana Cake. I asked if she can help me to cut and mashed the bananas, her reply was a happy “yes”.

It was her first time using masher.


After the bananas were mashed, I took over the baking process using an easy recipe here. After 4o mins, this is our banana cake!


It is moist and delicious. Bret commented, “Texture is good, a little bit sweet for me” This cake will go well with cuppa of coffee.


Gonna have this for breakfast and tea break.

The City at Liang Court

Bret took leave on Friday and our plan was to bring Leia to indoor playground. I suggested The City, an interactive learning playground.

Source from The City:

“Within The City, young children can try out different adult roles and professions in a fun, safe environment. Creativity and imagination are promoted to positively enhance growth and development. Children can transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses or Policemen, dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. They can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs and lights, and explore small-scale real-life locations; such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon, medical clinic and much more! We create locations for realistic situations where children learn and have fun.”


Leia likes the Cafe Station but she wasn’t enthusiastic about wearing the chef uniform.


At the Post Office, I got her to doodle on a “post card”.


Next, dropped the post card into the mail box.


At the Classrooms, she found familiar toys. Leia went, “Mummy, I played this at Mindchamps!”


The Supermarket looks fun and will be nice if her friends were around.




Leia wasn’t comfortable dressing into the costumes and there wasn’t much to do so we left early. Bret felt it is a boring place as he was expecting slides and toys. For me, I think it is good place for playdates.

I recommend:

  • bringing kids above 3 years old or when they are more familiar with occupations
  • visit during weekdays to avoid crowd over weekends
  • hosting a birthday party for kids above 3 years old

This is my 2nd visit and I noticed there are more Caucasians, hardly any locals.

The City

#03-04A Liang Court,177 River Valley road, Singapore 179030

Open Daily 10am to 7pm

Admission fees
Adults, Free
Babies under 1 year, Free
Under 2 years, $18
From 2 years,  $22 unlimited (Weekend: $22 for 2 hours)
All guests require to wear socks while playing at The City.

Look Who’s Talking: At Tampopo

At the age of 3, Leia speaks her mind freely and she questions about her surroundings. Also, she is not afraid to ask strangers what are they doing and why are they doing this and that. Supposed that’s a phase for toddlers.

Yesterday we went Tampopo at Liang Court and next to our table was a family with a boy slightly older than Leia.

Leia pointed at the boy and asked: Why is the mummy feeding the boy?

Bret and me were like OMG but we acted calm on the surface and we quickly changed the subject. Leia ate on her own and the mummy at the other table told her boy, “See the little girl eats on her own.” Actually when Leia stops eating, I would have to feed her.

Our little girl was curiouskpo about the boy at the next table. Suddenly…

Leia said firmly and twice: I want to be a Lawyer.

Again, Bret and I changed the subject. She was so random and … does she even know what Lawyer do.

First Photoshoot at Baby U

Besides Birthday Celebration at School, we brought her to Baby U for photoshoot.  Clothing’s and Accessories were provided to suit the sets.

This concept is Natural, Casual.

baby u

We love the sets at the studio and the initial thought of one concept became three. Here’s another concept, Cute and Sweet. Leia had lots of fun here with the staff and korean photographer.


The third concept was family shoot.

All in all, the photoshoot process and photos selection took about 2 hours. Will be collecting all the soft copy photos next week.

Look Who’s Talking: Wife

After Leia’s 3rd birthday party at my place, Bret’s friends helped to bring all the presents to our place. At the dining table, the men had henessy and bbq chicken wings while Leia had her Gerber Graduate Puffs.

Present: Ziming, Jacky and Hongda (Secondary school friends of Bret)

A Table Conversation

Mummy S: Hey Ziming, what qualities do you seek in a wife?

Ziming pondered and replied: Wife Material

Jacky nodded: Erm… I get what you mean

Leia: Very Generic ….

Everyone except Leia … raised eyebrow and looked at Leia.