New Gear: Bijoue

Today I met a great friend of mine, Jan. We had 2 hours of heart-to-heart talk over lunch near his workplace.

After lunch, we shopped around the electronic store.  Jan introduced Shure to me. Being a gadget noob to headphones, I was stunned by the price and because I wasn’t ready to commit 3-digit for ear piece, I picked the basic pair for music gear to gym. Basic … as in the cheapest inner ear headphone available in the store.  


Jan thought I would go for Pink ..nah, I fancy white for gadgets and preference started since I became an iPhone owner.

Returned home, I did housework and then settled down in the living room. Took out my latest gadget and plugged into S3. Youtube a song I fell in love recently… Wearing my new gear, the song isolated me from my surrounding and I was listening to the emotional lyrics that moved me…almost to tears. Sounded drama but it was really so.

And..I found the best sentence to relate how I feel towards the man I marry.


Knowing him for 15 years, our feelings have been tested and proven. Yes, I will still love him … even if we are not together.

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