Friday lunch with B

Work was scheduled at Great World City from 9.30am to 4pm. I am always happy at this mall and one of the reasons was B… our wonderful lunch memories rekindled when her lunch buddy went missing. We had Poulet!

(Pictures taken from their official website)


Ordered the restaurant’s signature, French Roast Chicken which was unbelivably delicious.


I’ve never had white sauce for roast chicken… the concept is like “Carbonara Roast Chicken”. But seriously, I never knew white sauce can go so well with roast chicken. Something new for me.

Another was … Ox Tail! If not for Caiyan, I would never have tried this dish… so whenever I see Oxtail on the menu, you know who I am thinking of.


Presentation was good but I have tried better elsewhere.

And then dessert. Not a sweet tooth person ..but cravings for Tiramisu so here goes.


An idea for me to make homemade tiramisu this way.

Last but not least, thank you B for making a trip down to accompany me for lunch!

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