Bitter and Sweet

In life, we experience the concept of ups and downs. Market boom, market crash. Regular price and Crazy Sale price. For relationship, it works the same way.

Thursday and Friday, evenings with Bret were not as pleasant. We were in the mood to get sour with each other over nitty gritty stuffs. At one point, I felt like we were siblings fighting in the house. If you ask me what did we argue about, I can’t answer at all now. Because the issues were far too insignificant.

On the other hand, I saw his effort to make me feel better the next day… Yet, when the sun set, squabbles returned and we had to deal with the terrible moment again. For most men, they can sleep right after a quarrel but for some women like myself… no matter how meaningless the argument was, I cannot sleep easily. To conclude our situation, I called it the Couple’s PMS Time.

Several married men told me their behavior towards wives were influenced by their mentality of having to spend the rest of their life with the same woman. And for the married women, we do not jump into this thought until a negative encounter. Gender differences. 

Back to us.. despite a heaty night, he fetched me to work the next day. Throughout the car journey, we did not speak a single word to each other. I didn’t want to and in my mind, I was like…I don’t need you anymore. There was an evil force within me telling me to ignore Bret as long as I can. But at work, I developed a sudden stomache. Feeling weak, I had second thoughts about going home on my own. The thing is, I was still angry with Bret yet at the same time, I need him. Bret’s office was very near to where I work. So with great hesitation, I text him about my stomache and didn’t expect much.

At 4pm, I was released from work and he called me. I heard him sweetly telling me he had reached my work place and added that it was his plan to fetch me even if I have no stomache. I swear hard ..I didn’t expect that coming.

It is hard for us to have non-argument days and … it is even harder for us to ignore each other forever.

After picking me up, we went to Leia’s school. Together with our girl, we ate dinner takeways at home. During bedtime, I was pretty weak and he comfort me with a warm stomach rub. Something he had done for more than a decade.

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