Our Time

New arrangement with my parents… Leia will stayover at their place Mon-Tues every week. A request from them.

And whenever Leia is with them, I do not get any calls any text msg from my parents…

Couple time

In the morning, I helped him to do some personal assistant stuffs for his work. He was sincere in his thank you msg. Approaching evening, he was home. We had takeaway dinner and i appreciated his effort to buy something he thinks I might like.

After doing some housework together, we took our individual laptop to bedroom. Surfing the net and relax as he turned on class 95. Romantic songs as we indulged ourselves in peace and doing stuffs we love at home. Basically, enjoying the night without parenting.

The Show

Currently into a taiwan drama, 亲爱的, 我爱上别人了. It reflects the real world of married women. Quite a sad show though…

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