Nice Neighbours at New Place

Earlier on in the evening, we met our neighbours at the walk way. A simple small talk led us to an invitation to their place for durian feast. By the time, we are ready to go over it was close to 11pm. I had to coax Leia to change into Pyjamas by saying we are going to have Pyjamas Party. She went “huh” followed by “yeah, I wan to wear pyjamas and go neighbour house.”


Air-fried cuttlefish balls and brought over. Its so peaceful & relaxing at their place. They love green and flowers. I found Diana very thoughtful and sweet when she took out her daughter’s childhood toys for leia to play. Could see that my girl loves the lovely couple very much. She was smiling to them constantly.

Durian tips & Cozy Chat

Ron taught me how to pick D24.

  • Light weight
  • Sound of loose seed
  • Smell
  • 5-cent coin circle with a tip at the bottom of durian.

Thankful for the new knowledge and thats the wonderful thing about human interactions. After opening the durian, we had a cozy chat about parenting, house & food as Leia played with toys and explored their beautiful balcony.

At 12.30am Leia was tired and… we had to end our night. Otherwise we would love to hang out longer with Diana and Ron. They even got Leia gifts. Look forward to host them at our place.


New house, new life. Home is warmer than ever. Feeling blessed for the good relationships we have with neighbours at our level.

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