Kracie Sushi & Sappora Beer on Friday

Ever since we moved to our new place, our social life revolves a lot at home. Be it planned or unplanned, we have friends & relatives coming over on a weekly basis 🙂 Our happening weekend starts from Friday night.

This week, we did not initiate or host any gatherings. However we met a good friend & attended parties at our place.


I text Mil & Bret that I made Ginseng Chicken Soup. For Leia & myself, we did Kracie Sushi Candy.


Hands-on and Something new never fails to keep her focus.


Its a fun activity for all ages. Very interesting… Bret was intrigued by the candelicious smell.


For instructions, I referred to clips on youtube. This is easy and don’t require microwave. So thats supposed to be all for Friday…


When suddenly his sec sch fren called me saying he is on his way to our place to meet my mil for paperwork. He’s getting a helper from mil maid agency. I served him a bowl of chicken soup before the two guys chilled out with sapporo beer at the balcony.


After Leia was asleep, I took a beer from fridge and joined the gentlemen. We had a fun and long chat with Glenn at the balcony. Really need to get outdoor furnitures and I love the night pool view & cozy-lit landscape.

Thank you God.

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