Baby Chef: Orange Juice

This week, I introduced Citrus Squeezer to Leia and she asked me where did I get it from. My answer was ikea. Her eagerness to dismantle and assemble the squeezer gave me an idea. I began to talk about the parts such as the sizes and colours of the inserts below.


I told her smaller insert can be used to squeeze fruits like smaller oranges or lemons and etc. She was able to identify which insert to use for the Big Sunkist Oranges. Then I went on to the Different Materials we have on the table.

Using our finger nails, we tapped onto the materials as Leia listened to the Different Sounds made by each material: stainless steel, plastic and glass. Beside sounds, I got her to feel the weight of each objects too and she was use words like, “Heavier” and “Lighter”.


Also, we talked about how a base helps the objects to stand on its own. We compared the bases of the objects and used words like “Wide, Narrow”. Leia learnt a new vocab “transparent” and its meaning.

Next, we did counting for all the objects on the placemat in Mandarin.


Got her to assemble the Citrus Squeezer and she did it without my help. That builds her logic skills 🙂

Squeezing time. Before her little hands were about to reach for the big orange, I took control of the situation by explaining to her that I need to demostrate the right way to do it. Leia heard me and watched for a min or less. The moment she got it, her hands reached out to the Citrus Squeezer and squeezed!


I had to do the initial squeeze before she took over. The little girl enjoyed this activity.


By the  3rd time, she realised she can exert more strength if she stood up. And that’s a new apron for my baby chef. Got it from Daiso at S$2.



Almost done, Leia looked a bit exhausted but she did not give up!


There we go, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice into the Glass Bottle.


Too bad, the little girl can’t drink as she has a bit of cough. But I will let Daddy Khoo knows the effort of our little girl. Despite 1pm, he was still in dreamland.


This activity took less than 15 minutes. Mother-Daughter bonding moment and at the same time, I learnt abit more about Leia as she picks up new skills and information.

Thank you Leia for Freshly Squeezed Sunkist Juice ! Mummy loves you forever and ever.

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