When I need to work…

This week, I returned to working mode. Good thing is, I get to work from home during the day.. enjoying the breeze from the pool and listening to relaxing water fountain sound. Before the sun set, I did some housework and made dinner for us. Everything was wonderful except, Leia gets upset whenever I need to work in the evening or weekends…despite the fact that, I am only out for 1-2 hours.

This evening 7.30pm, seeing me in my work wear..

Leia: “Mummy, why you need to go work?”

Mummy S: “So I can earn money and buy your favourite toys :)”

Leia sadly replied: “But I have a lot of toys already…Mummy don’t go work”

Her answer moved me and I can only pray for my appointment to end well and quickly. God’s grace, I was back home within 45 mins. The moment I entered my room, she cried in such a way reminding me those times when I picked her up from her previous childcare centre, kinderland. Bret who had washed the dishes, bathed her, played with her… told me she missed me.

I calmed Leia with a hug. Then, we lied on the bed smiling and looking into each others’ eyes. In silence, I told myself if only I can spend every min of my life with my little girl…

There had been a time where I considered being a SAHM. I tried for 2-3 months and I knew I can’t because I cherish friends in my life. All the meetings & giftings require cash. Thus, the conclusion was to grow myself into a working mother and wife. Bret feels my current career is best suited for our family due to the flexibilities and perks. Another bonus for me, I spend a lot of quality time with my parents too. On a weekly basis, I bring them around and have meals together. In life, we make endless of decisions. Everyone has ther unique reason in making a decision.

Nonetheless, I hold high respect to mothers who give up the careers they could have to personally take care and nuture their precious little ones.


And I always believe all mothers are great.

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