Upcoming Buffets…

Putting on a newly bought Foot Mask from Sasa as I blog… and background music, Non-Stop Love Song from youtube.

15mins ago, I was in the living room having a cozy chat with Aunt Roslyn and Mil. And the ladies just confirmed my third buffet for the month… In the morning, looking into the mirror made me feel sad about weight gain. Well, all that Fun and Gatherings comes with a price. On the other hand…buffet with people I adore brings me joy. My friend Alvin once commented, “Oh, You’re also a FOODIE!”… I did not respond to his statement as I wasn’t sure of the answer and …wondered about the underlying meaning …Foodie?

Upcoming Buffet:

  • Next Tues with Sbff at Cafe Swiss Hotel
  • Next Sat with his Family at Holiday Inn Hotel
  • Last week of Aug with Janson at Crowne Plaza Hotel (maybe)

Gotta hit the Gym and Pool diligently.

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