Her New Swimwear

Sunday… the last day for our long weekend. Leia and I woke up at 12noon. My girl was sooo enthusiastic about the swim we promised her the night before. But I need to do laundry and prepare brunch first. Bret washed up and prepared light breakfast for us. We had hot dog buns and milo.

Then, it was time for swim!


Bret and I got her a new swim suit and float. Took me a while to persuade her to wear the swimming cap. She only gave in after I told her the swimming cap will keep hair out of her face.  Once in the pool, she was beaming with joy! Bret encouraged her to try swimming …


And.. Leia said “No!” She’s not ready to lie on her stomach nor on her back. Leia tried to walk away from her daddy.


While the daddy and daughter having fun in the pool, I dipped my feet into the water. Ooo… very calming and relaxing. I will join them next time.


In the clip, Leia took off her swimming cap and his response was epic.

There is Leia so cheery in the pool. She was waving and saying hello to anyone walking by the pool. Strangers turned friendly neighbours 🙂


20 mins later, it was time for home cooked brunch.

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