Leia & House Guests

The months of scheduled weekly trainings finally over and I celebrated my freedom by meeting people I love! With great flexibilities in my career, everyday seems like a gift box unwrapped with surprises. Have been hosting mini social and family gatherings at my place which I take pleasure in. Like me, Leia loves having people especially children over at our place.


I noticed she makes a natural host. Many times, I found her initiating small talks with my friends whom she have not met before. Somehow I have a feeling its the exposure in school that made her more open to new faces. 

Leia & Jacky

They were playing and suddenly Leia went, “By the way, what is your name?” Mischievous Jacky answered, “Call me Brother Jacky!” followed by hi-5 🙂

Recent weeks, Leia sees me in the kitchen often. And she tells us “I want to grow taller.” I asked “why” and she replied “I want to cook with mummy.”

其实幸福不难, 只要找到自己喜欢做的东西…

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