Last Min Mahjiong & Playdate

Wednesday night marked the beginning of long weekend. Bret invited his friends over for mahjiong while I had a long chat with Teresa (Jacky’s wife). Throughout the night, I was serving dishes using Air Fryer. The guys indulged in lame jokes and mahjiong till 2am.

Next day, Bret continued another round of mahjiong with his mum and relatives while I prepared Crab Bee Hoon Soup for later evening. By the time, Leia was awoke … our family friends arrived!

It was a last min invitation as we didn’t know if Bret’s afternoon mahjiong might dragged on.

Started off with DIY Pizza moment for 4 year old Levonne and 1 year old Geron. Here’s their work before Air-Frying.


Our dear friends made a pot of homemade Japanese curry stew. Tasty!


Then, my Crab Bee Hoon Soup! Ops… Forgot to add bok choy.


Bought the live crabs from Fair Price Finest and asked the uncle to help me chop into pieces. In order to maintain the freshness, I need to cook the crabs within two hours..which I did! One of the easiest recipe ever… I followed a recipe from Food made with Love.

The kids gel really well! They were playing from rooms to rooms. During breaktime, I cut kiwi and dragonfruit for them. Well-seated enjoying fruits as they watched cartoon.


Wooden blocks make great playdate toys.


Adults were able to relax with wine and chocolates as the kids play on their own. I couldn’t ask for more 🙂

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